JOY Academy is an international Christian school for primary and secundary education. We offer a continuing learning programme for children in the age of 5 until approximately 19 years. JOY stands for the joy that is essential to the life of every child.

This school was initiated by parents who were looking for a different way of education for their children. Many children do not fit in the current schoolsystem and the overcrowded classrooms are the cause of much agitation. Finding a place of biblically founded education and teachers who show a living relationship with Jesus can also be difficult.

Joy Academy provides for a safe, loving environment, a healthy Christian filosophy, an excellent teaching programme and good facilities. The classes are and stay small-scale. Each child works at his/her own level in his/her own pace.

We believe each child is created unique, with unique gifts and talents, for a unique place on earth. It is our greatest desire to help the children find their specific purpose, so they will grow up to be adults who are happy and feel sure about themselves. For us to do so, we can use all the help we can get from their parents or caretakers.

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