At JOY Academy we use an individual English teaching programme, the so called ACE curriculum, which stands for Accelerated Christian Education. Click this button for more specific information.

This curriculum is worldwide used by thousands of schools. It comprises the subjects English, Word building, Math, Science, Social studies and a great variety of optional subjects.

The curriculum offers the students a lot of advantages. They learn that God is the creator of all things and how to use His Word, the Bible, as a foundation of their life. With the ACE curriculum each student can work on his/her own level in the pace that best fits his/her individual capacities.

The ACE curriculum is a thoroughly drawn up step-by-step plan, which enables the students to master the teaching material as best as possible. The programme teaches the students to take responsibility for their own progress, which is essential for future success. The supervisors do not teach. They give personal assistence when a student needs it.


Besides the English curriculum, we also teach Dutch. During the openingactivity and the creative lessons we will mainly speak dutch.

The school is being supervised by the British organisation ICCE. This organisation is acknowledged by the Dutch ministry of education and is recognised as a school for the law of school attendance.

The students are working towards an International Certificate of Cristian Education. There are certificates for different levels from General certificate comparable with the Cambridge O level (VMBO-TL), an Intermidiate Certificate (HAVO) or a Advanced Certificate, comparable with the Cambridge A level (VWO). The British National Academic Recognition Information Centre (NARIC) judges the ICCE General and Advanced Certificates as being comparable with Cambridge ‘O’ and ‘A’ levels.